MARBLE Gothic Lolita Ball Gown

199 USD189 USD

Beautiful MARBLE indie brand Gothic Lolita One Piece Ball Gown

Japanese Indie Brand MARBLE

MARBLE Elegant Victorian Gothic Lolita Ball Gown

* Item Type: One piece
* Price:31,000¥ about 300$
* Colors:White with Black lace and trim
* Features:  Beautiful detachable cameo pin ruffle collar                 
Cameo pin can be used as a hair accessory.


* polyester/ rayon

◆size M
バストbust ~92cm
ウエストwaist ~74cm
袖丈sleevelength 63cm
肩幅shoulderwidth 38cm
総丈(前最短丈~後最長丈)bodylength 130cm

Notes from Seller:
*  I bought this beautiful dress but I only wore it  once for a formal gothic teaparty 
* minor makeup stain under the collar
* smoke free and pet free home